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Home SEO platform AI

Unique AI-automated strategy

5 Steps

Step 1

Analysis of your
Site & positions

Allows you to have an overview of your positions on Google and an estimate of your traffic.

In parallel, we analyze your site (technical audit) in order to highlight all the points to be improved.

SEO Dashboard hack the seo
seo keyword research

Step 2

Search AI
keywords & Topics

You generate keywords based on your needs or your competitors. We analyze the number of people who search for this keyword.

The AI will offer you relevant topics that are sought after by Internet users. For each subject the AI integrates a summary of what will be in the SEO article.

Step 3

Automatic AI writing
of your SEO articles

Our AI will write an article with all the best SEO practices so that your article goes up on Google. With more than 50 checkpoints, our AI is optimized for SEO.

SEO article AI writing
SEO backlink analysis

Step 4

Generation of external links

Also called “Backlinks”, these are blogs with significant notoriety that talks about you. Our AI analyzes the need you have in order to offer blogs, directories in your theme.

Step 5

Technical Audit
& Solutions

This audit will allow us to deeply analyze all the factors that have a negative impact on the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. We will prioritize these factors in order to provide solutions to the most urgent ones.
SEO technical audit natural referencing

Difficult question, everything will depend on your site and the work that has been done upstream. A site that has never done SEO results are visible in 6-8 months.

A site that has good SEO basics (speed, meta and H tags filled in, etc.), you can have an increase in traffic from 2 months.

All people who want to increase their visibility on search engines in order to generate traffic.

Our tool essentially works with a blog by adding quality content regularly (why? because our friend Google loves it).

As soon as your site is live, the sooner the better.

We carry out your keyword strategy for you, this strategy must be found throughout the site. If you start a site you can integrate it from the beginning. If your site has already been online for a while, you will need to review the existing pages little by little with our teams.

Normally without the hacktheseo tool, you need a minimum account of 6 hours per week.

With Hacktheseo it will take you 1 hour maximum.

With HacktheSEO: from €49 /month.

An SEO agency costs on average €1500 /month.

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